Using Tags in Famly

Create and use tags to group children and staff

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What's a Tag?

A Tag in Famly is a way to group children (or staff) together in your setting. Tags can contain children and staff across the different rooms of your setting, to get an overview. For example, you could use tags:

  • To group children with a specific dietary requirement, such as vegan

  • To group those who attends a specific session, such as a breakfast club

  • To group staff by a specific skill, such as those who are first aid qualified

Of course, you can use Tags however is most useful for your setting

How do I create a new Tag?

To create a Tag:

  • Log in to Famly and navigate to your overview

  • In the Rooms widget, you'll see tabs for Rooms, Absence, and Tags. Click on the Tags tab:

  • Here, you'll see a list of your existing tags. To create a new one, click on Add tag

  • A pop-up will open (as below) where you can write the name of the tag. Finish off by clicking Create

  • Your tag will now be visible in the overview of the Tags tab

How do you Tag children or staff?

To add children or staff to a tag you have created, go to the Tags screen (as described above)

  • Click on the Tag you wish to add children or staff to (the most recently created Tag will be at the bottom of the list)

  • The view of that Tag will open, showing you any children or staff who have that Tag currently

  • Click Select Children (at the end of the row of currently tagged children) and/or Select staff (at the end of the row of currently tagged staff)

  • A pop-up will open where you can click on the different rooms and select children or staff to join the tag. Finish off by clicking on the purple Update Tag button.

How do I remove a Tag from a child or staff member?

In order to remove a child from a Tag:

  • Open the child's or staff member's profile and scroll down to the bottom of the Tags section, in the About tab

  • Here you see the Tags the child or staff member currently has

  • Press the 'Xโ€™ next to the tag you want to remove

  • The child or staff member no longer has that Tag

How to use Tags in your setting

There are several ways to utilise Tags. You can

  • Send posts on your Newsfeed to only the children or staff with a certain 'Tag', by entering the name of the 'Tag' in the recipient field, when writing a new post.

  • Visit the 'Tags' section of a child or staff member's profile, to find further information about the child. Parents cannot see 'Tags'

  • Create 'Lists' based on 'Tags', so you have an overview of all the children or staff who share a certain 'Tag'

  • Visit the 'Tags' tab in your setting's overview, to see which 'Tagged' children or staff are signed in to the setting (as below)

How do I delete a Tag?

If you'd like to delete a Tag entirely, navigate to your Overview, click on Tags, and click the tag you'd like to delete.
From here, find the settings icon in the top right corner

and lastly, delete the Tag:

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