Deleting a Child's Record

Famly does not offer the option to delete a child's record, but you can amend their profile so they're no longer listed as active and enrolled at your setting (see below).

Remove or Withdraw a Child from Your Setting

  • Log on to Famly

  • Select the Room the child is registered in and click Show.
    Alternatively, go to the Children icon to see a list of children in your setting.

  • Click on the Child → About → Registration & Room Moves.

  • Choose the leaving date in the Last Day field - this is the child's last day in the nursery.
    If you are removing a child who did not end up starting, simply choose the same date as the start date. Any booking plans for the child will now not come into effect.

  • Once a leaving date is entered, you'll see a small text field where you can enter the reason why the child is leaving.

  • Press Save

  • After the registered leaving date, the child will no longer appear in their room (or in your active list of children).

Viewing Past Leavers/ Withdrawn Children

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