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Child and Staff In-App Export and Deletion

This article goes over how to export or permanently delete a Child or Staff member and all of their data from the Famly platform

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Please note that permanent deletion should only be done in cases where the parent has requested it or it is mandated from government guidelines. Once deletion is confirmed, you will no longer have the opportunity to get that data back and Famly will not be able to recover it either.

Permissions Required

Before this feature is enabled for all relevant staff members, the person with the highest level of permissions will be the only one to get the permissions to begin with.

For example in an Organisation, it will only be the default Organisation manager, and for a single site it will only be the default setting manager.

If you'd like to enable this feature for an organisation, you will only be able to add this permission in the Organisational level roles. From here, you will need to create a new role called 'data manager' (for example), where you can add that role on top of existing roles.

Setting managers have the permission to both export child, staff, and bill payer data, as well as delete child, staff, and bill payer data. This permission can be found in the Administration section under Data Management

This permission enables a new tab within a child or staff member's profile titled Data Management. From this tab, you can select whether you'd like to Export data or Delete Child/Staff data

Delete Child or Staff data

Upon clicking the Delete child data button, you will need to confirm the deletion by reading the information on the pop-up and typing DELETE into the required field

Once confirmed, you will be asked to remain on this screen until the deletion is complete and an all-done status shows

Export Child or Staff data

Clicking on the Export data button will prompt a pop-up to show a description of the export process

To begin your export, click on the Request export button. You'll receive a notification when the export is complete and ready to access in the same Data management tab.

Click on the download button to download the data package to your computer. The data package will expire after given period

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