Managing Ad-Hoc Purchases
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Ad-Hoc Purchases

Ad-hocs are sessions that aren't part of a child's regular plan. While a child's Plan is the recurring weekly pattern of attendance, Ad-hoc Purchases are one-off purchases, for example, an extra session, a late collection fee, or irregular attendance such as holiday club.

Please note: A session or product will only appear as an option to book ad-hoc if you have added an ad-hoc price when creating it.

How to add an ad-hoc purchase

Adding an ad hoc purchase to a child's profile will instantly be picked up by your revenue report, your occupancy report, and your registers.

To add an Ad-hoc Purchase:

  • Log in to the app and find the child's profile, for whom you need to add an ad-hoc purchase

  • Click on the Bookings tab and click on Add next to Purchases

  • A new screen will open (as below)

  • Select the day you wish to add a purchase to, and then select the session or product you want to add to that day. You can adjust the pricing group for the child in the middle section at the top, and add a discount by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. If necessary, you can add a note in the bottom right corner. Repeat this for as many days as required.

  • Once you've finished adding the ad-hoc purchases, click 'Create'

Deleting an ad-hoc purchase

Providing the ad-hoc purchases or sessions have not been invoiced for (shown by a green checkmark), you are able to delete them. You can remove a single item from a purchase by clicking into the bundle of purchases and clicking the 'X' next to the selected item. To delete an entire bundle click into the bundle, click the "..." in the top right corner and delete.

To delete an ad-hoc that has already been invoiced, you must first cancel the relevant invoice then delete the ad-hoc. Once you have removed it, you can reissue the invoice.
All ad-hoc purchases (appearing in the Selected items column, as shown above) are bundled together as one purchase when you click create and will therefore be added to an invoice as a group of purchases. We recommend that you don't have purchases from two different months in the same bundle because all of it will be picked up next time you issue an invoice.

Invoicing ad-hoc purchases

It's not possible to raise an invoice for only ad-hoc purchases since they are automatically picked up the next time you issue an invoice.

However, if the ad-hoc purchase was for the period that has already been invoiced, you can of course still invoice for this. You will need to raise an invoice for the same period, so the ad-hoc purchase will be picked up.
N.B. If you choose not to charge for sessions where a child is unwell, you will need to delete the ad-hoc session, even if you left the boxes below unchecked when creating the session. This is because it only applies when the session is part of a plan and not an ad-hoc.

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