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£0 per month

£69 per month-
Payment terms apply, you can read more about our pricing here.

Extra Features

Moving from the Free Package to the Starter gives you access to features that will make your paperwork and admin nightmares a thing of the past.

  • You’ll be able to send invoices straight to parents pockets.

  • Get parents to pay you through the app.

  • View registers and reports

  • Add plans to children and populate their booking patterns.

  • Set up sessions and products you offer, to then add them to a child's profile.

  • Plans will in turn allow you to have a register, calculate staff ratios and send invoices straight to a parent’s phone (up to 500 invoices a year).

  • You can also add ad-hoc purchases and see availability across your setting.

  • Once invoices are sent you can easily apply payments, or set up Famly Pay, our highly-secure payment system which allows parents to pay directly through the app via debit/credit card or direct debit.

  • You can keep track of this in the children’s profiles in addition to an overview in the Revenue and Dept app - here you’ll see projected revenue, outstanding debt, public funding and All Invoicing Activity.

  • On the Child Development side of things, you can also start sending videos for observations and News Feed posts too.

  • You also gain access to further email support from our Success team at Famly, as well as a further 1.5GB of storage.

I want to learn more:

  • Visit our pricing page to find out more about how to upgrade

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