Where to find Batch Invoicing

Instead of having to send out invoices one-by-one from a child's profile, you can send invoices for a specified time period for multiple children to their respective bill payers in one go, by using Batch Invoice. To find 'Batch Invoicing':

Simply log in to Famly, and click on the 'Apps' section, then select the 'Revenue and Debt' app, then 'Batch Invoice' in the top, right-hand corner.

Batch Invoice - an overview

At the top of the page, you can select the 'Period' and 'Due date' of the invoices you wish to view. The table at the bottom shows a column of Bill Payers on the left and a row of Months across the top.

  • The row directly below the 'Months' row shows the total value of invoices sent out for the entire setting each month.
    You send invoices to the entire setting by checking the checkbox next to your setting's name.

  • The figures in each month column represent the value of the invoices sent out in that month, not how much revenue to expect from that month (this can be found in 'All Revenue Details', in 'Revenue and Debt').

  • Bill payers will have a check mark next to their names if they have items to invoice within the invoicing period you chose at the top of the page. You can check or uncheck bill payers at anytime by clicking in the checkboxes.

  • The invoice figures are colour-coded for an easy overview:
    - If an invoice figure is red, this means it is overdue.
    - If it is green, it has been paid in full.
    - If it is black it has been invoiced but is not yet overdue or fully paid. You can click on each figure to see the full invoice.

  • The last white column on the right represents the value of invoices to be sent out for your current chosen invoicing period.
    The amount showing is based on the invoice period you selected above, and can be clicked in order to see a draft of the invoice.
    A yellow dot means that the figure is different from the figure on the last invoice sent out.

How to batch invoice your bill-payers

To send out multiple invoices at once:

  • Navigate to 'Batch Invoice' as described above

  • Enter an invoicing 'Period' and 'Due Date'

  • You may see a list of 'Unresolved Issues', these must be resolved before invoices can be sent for those children and most often can be solved by clicking the Add Bill Payer button, however each one will have a note explaining what's wrong.

  • Once you are ready, navigate to the top of the page, click on Create and Send XX Invoices.
    The bill payers will receive an email with a copy of the invoice and a post on their personal Famly news feed

Batch cancelling invoices

Find out how to batch cancel invoices here:

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