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Where to find Accident and Incident Reports in Famly

You can securely log accidents or incidents at your setting in Famly. The creation of a report will lead to the parent being notified and will require their acknowledgement. To find 'Accident and Incident Reports':

Simply log in to Famly, and click on the 'Apps' section, then select the 'Health and Safeguarding' app, and choose the 'Accidents/ Incidents' tab.

You can also find accident and incident reports in the 'Reports' tab of an individual child's Profile

How to create a new Accident or Incident Report

You can create a new accident or incident report from either the 'Reports' tab on the child's Profile, or from the 'Accidents/ Incidents' tab in 'Safeguarding', both by clicking 'New',

On the first page of the report, you will simply need to fill out the required fields (as below)

Clicking 'Next' will prompt you to the body map (as below). Here you can:

  • Mark a dot on the location of the injury on the body

  • Adjust the size of the dot, move it around or delete it

  • Make multiple dots

  • Choose a full body view, side view or a close-up of the head

As your final step, review your report on the next page before notifying parents.

Once you click 'Create and Notify', the parent will then receive a notification. The parent will be able to view and acknowledge the accident with ease. They do this by pressing the 'Acknowledge Accident' button.

How do I get an overview of Accidents and Incidents in my setting?

In the 'Accidents/ Incidents' tab in 'Safeguarding' you can see a record of all previous reports in your setting. You can filter by:

  • Date

  • Location

  • Child's name

  • Who reported the accident or incident

  • Whether the report is of an incident or an accident

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