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Parents 🧸: Validating Payments

How to validate your payments

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Why a payment may need validating

Once you have set up a payment method in Famly, you will be able to begin paying your invoices with ease. However, some payments that you make may require an extra 3D security check. This is because some banks and card issuers require an extra step in the payment process - similar to being re-directed to your bank to enter a password when making a large online payment.

As soon as you validate the payment, it will be transferred over to your nursery.

How to validate a payment in Famly

If your nursery reach out to you about a payment that requires validation, you will need to do the following:

  • Log in to your Famly app.

  • Navigate to the Balance tab.

  • A window will pop up (as below) where you will see your recent invoices and payments.

  • Click on the purple 'Validate' button to complete the transaction.

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