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Parents 🧸: The Calendar Events and Menus
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The Calendar

The calendar in the app is a great way to get an overview of what's going on at your child's setting - you'll find it on your home screen.

In the calendar you can view:

  • Upcoming events

  • Your child's activity plan (if your child's setting uses this function)

  • The weekly meal plan (menu)

You can also see the time your child was signed in today, signed out or the time they are due to sign out. You can edit this from here too.

Invitations to events

When you receive an invitation to an event, the event will show in your calendar. You can RSVP from here (or check whether you already have). You can also edit your RSVP if things change.

Click on events in your calendar to open them up and get more information

The menu

If your child's setting uses this feature, you can also view what's on the menu for the children at your child's setting from the calendar.

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