Parents 🧸: Receiving an invitation to an event

Your child's setting can invite you to events via Famly

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Receiving an invitation to events at your child's setting

When your child's setting creates an event to which you are invited, it will be visible to you in your Calendar, and also in your News feed. You can also see the event in your Notifications (the bell icon in the right-hand upper corner), and you may also receive an email.

How do I RSVP to an event?

When your child's setting invites you to events through Famly, you can reply in Famly too, to inform them whether you and your child will be attending. To respond:

  • Click on 'Show and RSVP' on the meeting invitation

  • If a registration of how many children and adults attending is required, you can enter this using the drop-down boxes.

  • When you have entered the information requested, click ‘Attending’

  • This will appear in your calendar

If you do not plan to attend:

  • Do not enter the no. of children and adults

  • Press ‘Not attending’

Your answer will be received by the nursery. If necessary, you can edit your response until the RSVP deadline comes around.

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