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How to pay your child's fees in the app

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This only applies if your child's setting uses Famly Pay - ask your child's setting if you're unsure.

Set up your payment methods for Famly Pay

To find out how to set up your payment methods for your child's fees in Famly, visit the article below:

Pay your Balance in Famly

If you chose not to set up a Direct Debit, or Automatic Payment, you can manually pay your balance.

The Pay button on your Balance screen

You can pay your child's fees from your invoice if your child's setting has enabled this. You'll see a Pay button on the Balance screen (as below).


By clicking the Pay button, you can pay the fees with a payment card, or set up a Direct Debit mandate. Credit and debit card payments are made by selecting Use new credit or debit card. You simply enter your card details, then click Pay now.

The Pay button on your invoice

The Pay button when you receive a new invoice through the Newsfeed.

Validating Payments

Find out how to validate payments you have made below:

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