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What happens to the child's profile when they leave?

When children are removed from Famly, ie. their leaving date has passed, they are archived.

Where do I find records of past leavers?

Log on to Famly and go to 'Setup' and click 'Children' to see a list of children in your setting. Click on the tick box called 'Withdrawn children' and ensure the other tick boxes are unticked.

Create a list of previous children

When signed in to Famly, click on ‘Apps’ in the menu on the left, then select the app called ‘Lists’.

  • Click on ‘+ Create list

  • Under 'Status' click on ‘Past’ to select all the previous children.

  • Deselect the current children from the list by removing the green selection on ‘Current

  • Now you have created a list of all the previous children. You can click the names of the children to access their profile.

If you want to make a child active again, change their ‘Leaving Date’ to a date in the future.

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