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What happens to the child's profile when they leave?

When children leave your setting, ie. their leaving date has passed, they are archived. This means you will no longer see them in your list of current children, or in their old room.

Parental access

When children leave your setting, parents can still access their child's profile and photos, including their current balance, so you do not need to download or print anything out. Parents will continue to be able to access Famly, as long as you do not revoke their role.

Downloading the Journey

Some settings do like do give parents children's journeys, downloaded to USB, for example. To do this:

  • Go to the Journey tab of the profile of the child who is leaving

  • Click on 'Print' then 'Print all', to the right of the page

  • A pop-up will open, asking you input your preferences as to how the Journey will look when downloaded

  • Once you made your selections, click print again

  • A new window will open with a preview of how the journey will look. In the box to the left, labelled 'Destination', select 'Save to PDF'

  • Click 'Save' at the bottom

Where do I find records of past leavers?

To find records of past leavers:

  • Log on to Famly and click on 'Get started'

  • Next, click 'Children' to see a list of children in your setting.

  • Click on the tick box called 'Withdrawn children' and ensure the other tick boxes are unticked.

  • This will now show a list of previous children. You can click on their record to view their profile.

Create a list of previous children

To create a list of previous children:

  • When signed in to Famly, click on ‘Apps’ in the menu on the left, then select the app called Lists’.

  • Click on 'New list’, then select 'Children'from the drop-down menu

  • Under 'Status' click on ‘Past’ to select all the previous children and deselect the current children from the list by removing the tick in the box labeled ‘Current

Now you have created a list of all the previous children. You can click the names of the children to access their profile.

Re-enrol a withdrawn child

If you want to make a child active again, change the ‘Leaving Date’ to a date in the future. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and visit the profile of the child you want to re-enrol

  • Click on their 'About' tab, then on 'Registration and room moves'

  • Click on 'Edit'

  • Change their 'Last day' to the new, future leaving date.

  • Click 'Save'

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