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Download Invoices
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Downloading Invoices

It's always nice to be able to get copies of invoices to handle outside of Famly - perhaps you'd like to send a copy via email or print out an invoice. That's why there are a few ways to download invoices and credit notes in Famly. This article will walk you through them.

Download via the Child Profile

To download an invoice via a child's profile:

  • Use the search bar to look up a child

  • Next, click on the Bookings tab on their profile

  • From here, find the Bill Payers box and click on View account

  • Here, you'll see a full overview of all invoices sent to this bill payer. Click on the invoice you'd like to download to open it

  • Click on the Download button

Download via the Invoice Report

To download invoices and credit notes in bulk:

  • Click on Finances in your sidebar

  • Click on Reports

  • In the Choose report dropdown, select Invoices

  • Check all or select a group of invoices

  • Next, click on the Actions button

  • Select Download selected invoices

  • Your download may take a few seconds to process and once it's done, just click on Download. And that's it! You will receive a ZIP file with all the selected invoices and credit notes

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