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KinderConnect Integration

Famly is now one of the official Child Care Management Systems with an approved integration with KinderConnect. KinderConnect is a portal used to manage the attendance of subsidy-supported children and check payment status. It is a required system to coordinate subsidy payments with multiple state agencies across the United States. The integration is currently available for the states of Texas, New York, Missouri, and Louisiana - with more to come.

The Famly integration allows you to transfer the attendance records to KinderConnect.

  • Removes the need for manual data entry, which saves a lot of time

  • Ensures the correct info is associated with subsidy-eligible children

  • Provides a record of what data has been transferred when for later reference

Set up the KinderConnect Integration

Get credentials from KinderSystems

Contact the KinderConnect support team to obtain your integration credentials. Ask them to provide the following:

  • KinderConnect Provider ID

  • Famly Integration Password

You can reach specific support teams in the following states:

Configure the integration in the Famly app

Please ensure that you are doing this from a Manager account and remember to get your credentials from KinderSystems support before you do this step.

  • Go to Settings → Integrations → Manage integrations

  • Click the Enable button to the right of KinderConnect

  • In the modal that opens, click the Connect button

  • Type in State and press Continue

  • Input the following

    • providerId

    • providerPassword (Famly Integration Password) supplied by KinderSystems

    • State Type in one of the four supported states (NY, MO, LA, TX)

    • Either leave the Target testing environment blank or set it to No

  • Close the modal by clicking outside or clicking on the X in the upper left corner

Submit attendance data to KinderConnect

To submit your children’s attendance data, you have to navigate to Attendance → Child attendance and click the Kinder Connect button at the top right of the page.

The first page you will see is the Submissions overview where all exports made from the Famly app to the KinderConnect system are shown.

Start a new data transfer

To start a new transfer, click the New transfer button at the top right. This opens a period selector.

  1. Select the period you want to send data for

  2. Click New transfer

Link children

Famly will now fetch a list of all children approved by KinderConnect for the selected period. You will have to link the children fetched from KinderConnect with the children you have in Famly using child names and birthdays as a guide.

Once you have linked a KinderConnect child to a Famly child it will be shown under the Linked children grouping and those children will be removed as option in the link child dropdown.

If you link a child and the birthday in Famly doesn’t match the one in KinderConnect, the system will show a warning. You can continue despite the warning if you believe everything is fine.

If you link a KinderConnect child to a wrong child in Famly, you can press the Unlink button and link to the correct child.

Once you have linked all children correctly, press the Next button.

All linked children will be remembered by the system, so you will only have to link a child once.

It is very important that you double-check that all children are linked correctly, since this will be used for submitting attendance data from Famly to KinderConnect and will also be used in future submissions.

Review Attendance

You are now on the final step of submitting attendance data to KinderConnect. Here you can see a summation of all relevant data for each child being sent to KinderConnect.

Once you are ready, press the Export button to start the transfer.

Once successful, you are taken back to the submission overview page and your new submission will be shown in the list.

Attendance data confirmation

Great - your export is done. Next, log into KinderConnect and verify that the attendance data transferred as you intended.

  1. Log into your KinderConnect account

  2. Go to the Attendance Tab on the top and select Detail from the drop down

  3. Your data will have automatically been added to the attendance report in KinderConnect for the selected date range. You should see the “In” and “Out” time filled in for each child with green check marks

Reload the page if you do not see the data immediately

Note : If you notice any discrepancies that need to be corrected within the data sent to KinderConnect, amend the data in Famly and resend to KinderConnect for the relevant period.

The integration only populates your attendance data in KinderConnect. Any additional updates, processing, or KinderConnect functionality must be handled outside of the Famly application.

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