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Photographs and Safeguarding of Children
Photographs and Safeguarding of Children
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Child protection and Safeguarding

As a manager of a nursery, it is important for you to be aware of child protection and safeguarding issues when taking photos of children attending your setting. Furthermore, you need to take data protection into consideration.

Guidelines and Policies

There are certain risks that photos are shared on social media, which may disclose personal, identifiable information about the children on the photos. These risks can be mitigated by having a clear guideline and/or policy in place around your approach to photos taken of children in your care and how parents are allowed to use them.

We recommend that you have such a policy/guidelines in place and communicate it to the parents/guardians. This is particularly important if parents/guardians can download photos from your nursery newsfeed via the Famly download functionality. In this case it is especially important to mention in your policy/guidelines that parents/guardians should not publicly share (such as on social media) photos where other children also appear unless the parents of those other children have given their consent.

However, please bear in mind that there are other ways for parents/guardians to get copies of photos you upload to the newsfeed. For example, downloading via web browser or taking screenshots. Unfortunately, these methods are out of Famly’s control. Therefore, we always recommend having a clear policy/guidelines in place which the parents/guardians are aware of.

Downloading Photos from the News feed

To toggle on photo downloads from your News feed, head to your Settings in the bottom left corner and navigate to Communication. Click on News feed and find the photo downloading section. By default, this feature is toggled off - so parents won't see the option to download any photos until it's switched on by a manger at the setting.

For more information, take a look at this article:

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