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Separating Sibling Invoices
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How to Separate Sibling Invoices

Some parents may wish to receive sibling invoices separately. This article outlines how to issue separate invoices, whether you are just setting up the child accounts, or have already linked them.

When a new sibling starts at the setting

  • Go to the new sibling's profile and select the Bookings tab

  • Next to Bill payers click Manage

  • From the options listed select Create bill payer

  • Enter the bill payer's details and Save

  • Confirm that this has been created correctly by clicking on the bill payer profile where we can see just one child's profile photo in the right hand corner

Separating linked siblings

If siblings are already linked to one bill payer they will appear as below, with both children's photos appearing on the bill payer profile.

To unlink the siblings click on one of them to open their Bookings profile. Where the Bill Payers section is, click the blue Manage button to see this screen and click the x next to the bill payer name to remove it. Then hit Save.

Next, add a new bill payer by clicking Manage โ†’ Add bill payer and from here select the Create bill payer option.

Note that you should not use the Suggested option which comes up due to the siblings having the same Contact added for them in the system.

By clicking Create bill payer you will be able to create a duplicate bill payer profile. In the information fields, identical information to the existing bill payer can be added.

Save this bill payer, and double check that it's been correctly added by clicking on their bill payer profile to see that only one child's profile photo appears:

Now when you issue invoices each sibling will have their own separate pdf.

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