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Famly has an integration with Funding Loop to make claiming funding for the children at your setting easy. If you use Funding Loop, you can export the data they need to send funding forms to parents.

Setting up funding

You can add different funding grants to Famly, then add these to children's plans, so you (and parents) have a clear overview of funded and non-funded hours. To set up your funding, click below:

To export the funding data for Funding Loop

You can find the Funding Loop data in the Public Funding report. To find it:

  • Log in to the app and click on the 'Apps' menu

  • Open the 'Revenue and Debt' app.

  • Click 'Public Funding Report'

  • Next click the 'Download Funding Loop data' button

  • A pop-up will open, (as below) where you enter the headcount date (your local authority will tell you when this is)

  • Click 'Download'

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