Recording a Child as Absent
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Updating a child's status to 'absent', 'off sick', or 'on holiday'

To record a child's absence:

  • Head to the overview and select the child/children who are off sick, or on holiday, by clicking on their photo.

  • You will get the normal status bar on the right-hand side, where you can select the 'sick', 'absent', or 'on holiday' status:

  • Once you click on 'Absent', you can input the period this applies to and any notes (such as Covid isolating, for example)

  • You will see the appropriate icon appear on their profile photo (and this will be greyed out), as well as on their activity feed.
    e.g. in the image below, we can see that Eli is off sick, and Gary is on holiday:

Recording a child's absence from their profile

You can also record a child as being absent via their profile. To do this:

  • Log into the app

  • Locate the profile of the child who is absent

  • Click on the 'Activity' tab

  • Click on the appropriate status, under the child's photo (as below)

Removing an incorrectly recorded absence

If you have accidentally or incorrectly reported a child as absent or on holiday, you can follow the instructions below to correct this.

PLEASE NOTE: If you accidentally change a child's status to 'sick' or 'on holiday', the child will automatically be signed out of the setting. As well as following the steps above to remove the status, you will need to ensure the child is signed back in.


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