The About tab

Where to find all the key information about a child in your setting

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The About tab

The About tab on a child's profile is where all their personal information is stored. It's very important that this is correct and regularly updated, to ensure you have the right information about the child.

Keep the child's information up-to-date

To add, change, or update a child's information:

  • Log in to Famly

  • Go to the child's profile

  • Click on the 'About' tab

  • Click 'Edit' in the top right-hand corner of the 'Basic Info', 'Health', or 'Sensitive Information' section.

  • Click 'Save' when you've finished

Once these boxes are populated, staff with the correct permissions will be able to access this information.

Basic Info

This is the first section on the 'About' tab. Here is where you see the most basic information about the child; name, age, date of birth, for example. It is unlikely that this basic information will change, but you have the option to edit it anyway, just in case.


This is the second section of the 'About' tab. Here is where you can see information about allergies or dietary considerations for the child, as well as their doctor's information, and details of any vaccinations.

โ€‹You can edit this section at any time and your child's setting will be notified of any changes.

Sensitive Information

This is the third section in the 'About' tab. Here you can add or edit information about the child's religion and ethnicity, if you wish to.

Registration & Room Moves

This is the fourth section in the 'About' tab and where you can add room moves for the child. This section will show when the child is due to progress to the next room of the setting (if applicable). This will also show the date they're due to leave the setting. You can also set up Automatic Room Moves.


This is the fifth section in the 'About' tab and where the child's permissions are stored. This can be things like whether the child may have suncream applied, have their photo taken for the setting's website, or have their face painted. Parents of the child will need to select 'Yes' or 'No' to each permission. A record of who answered the permission, along with the date will be made, but parents can edit or change these at any time.

This is another essential section to be kept up-to-date, so you know exactly what the children in your care are allowed to do. You will be notified if the child's parent makes a change to their permissions.


This is the last section in the 'About' tab and here you can add tags to a child's profile. A 'Tag' is a way to group children together in your setting. 'Tags' can contain children across the different rooms of your setting, to get an overview. As examples you could use Tags to group children who attends specific sessions, children with a dietary requirement or anything else that could be the most useful for your setting.

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