Parents 🧸: Welcome - Video Guide

An introduction to parents using the app in their child's setting.

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Welcome to Famly. This section is for anyone with a Parent role in the app, but we know children are looked after by guardians and primary carers of all kinds. When we say parents, we want you to know we mean all of you.

Key Features

  • Fully encrypted, GDPR-compliant app that allows you and your child's setting to access important information quickly.

  • You can report sickness, holidays, and update permissions, without the need for paperwork or a phone call.

  • Access pictures, videos, observations and announcements via the newsfeed, your child’s profile, and direct messages.

  • Stay involved in your child’s day with real-time updates straight to your phone

  • Paying directly in the app is possible with Famly Pay (if your child's setting chooses to enable this).

  • Book extra sessions and add-ons with ease

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