Setting up Meal Plans

To find out how to set up Meal Plans for your setting, visit the article below:

Recording how much children have eaten

You can report meal consumption for specific children. To do this:

  • Head in to your nursery overview

  • Select a room

  • Select a child by clicking on their photo, then click 'Status' on the right hand side

  • Click on the 'Meal' icon

  • A new window will open where you can select the meal type you are recording (as below)

  • From here a new window will open (as below) where you can either type a food type to create it for the first time, or select a food type that has already been created

  • On the right hand side you can select how much was consumed.
    You can also click the three dots to add the exact amount, if giving a bottle, for example.

  • You can also edit the date and time if necessary

  • Finally hit 'Save'


Registered food consumption is shown on the child’s activity feed on their profile, which is visible to the parents.

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