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Invoicing Profiles
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Invoice Profiles

Invoicing profiles determine the way a bill payer is invoiced. You can choose whether to invoice:

  • over the full year.

  • just term time.

  • annualised - the price of a week is multiplied by the amount of weeks the child attends, then divided into 12 equal monthly invoices.

  • actuals - where bill-payers are invoiced the exact amount of care (and extra products and services) received during that invoicing period.

  • with any funding grants that apply.

To create invoice profiles, you'll need the 'Manage Financial and Occupancy Settings' permission enabled.

To Find Invoicing Profiles

  • Click on Settings in your sidebar

  • Go to Finances

  • Select Pricing

  • Click on Fundamentals

From here, you can see and edit your existing Invoicing profiles or add a new invoicing profile.

You will also be able to see:

  • Attendance schedules - where you can create and view which sessions or days the children in your setting can attend. These are required for a new invoicing profile.

  • Funding Grants - where you can add and view possible funding for sessions the children attending your setting can receive.

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