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How to log a Deposit to a child's account

In order to add a deposit:

  • Go to a child's profile.

  • Click on the Bookings tab

  • On the bottom right, click on 'Add' next to Deposits

  • Enter the bill payer, amount, deposit date and a note if necessary

If the Deposit has already been paid

If the deposit has been paid to the nursery via a different accounting system, select the already paid box. When it comes time to refund the deposit, delete it completely from Famly and return it via credit from the old system. You cannot refund an amount that wasn't originally billed for in Famly, as this wouldn't match up in your revenue calculations.

If the deposit has already been paid, but you want to log the transactions in Famly, you can: leave the box unticked, save the deposit, log a payment of the deposit amount and lastly send the invoice charging for the deposit. The bill payer will see that they've already made the payment for this.

If the Deposit has not yet been paid

If the deposit has not been paid to the nursery, it will appear as an additional charge on the next Invoice sent.

How do I log a the return of a deposit?

When the time comes to return the Deposit, you can also log this in the app:

  • Go to the child's profile.

  • Click on the Bookings tab

  • On the bottom right, click on the deposit, found in the Deposits box

  • The deposit will open so you can click 'Return'

  • This Deposit will then show up as a credit on the next invoice sent.

View a report of all deposits held

To view all your deposits:

  • Log in to the app and click on the 'Apps' menu

  • Select the 'Revenue and Debt' app

  • From the top menu, click on 'All invoicing activity'

  • A new screen will open. From the drop-down menu on the top left, select 'Deposits' (as below)

  • You can also export this list by clicking 'Download as CSV'

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