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How to Archive a Bill Payer

You are now able to archive bill payers. This is useful if you have created bill payer duplicates, have bill payers who no longer have children at your setting, or would like to hide bad debtors from your bill payers list.
To archive a bill payer, you'll need the Manage invoices for children permission enabled.

To archive a bill payer:

If the bill payer is still connected to a child, you must first disconnect them from the child. To do this:

  • Go to the child's profile and click on the Bookings

  • Click Manage above the Bill Payers section

  • A new window will pop up

  • Click the little "x" next to the bill payer's name, then Remove

Once you have done this, you can then find the bill payer either through the Search Famly field or within your list of Debt or Bill Payers in the Revenue and Debt app

  • Once found, edit the bill payer information by clicking the little pencil next to their name

  • Click the Archive box in the bottom left corner and then OK

This bill payer is now archived.

If they have any outstanding debt or credit, even if they've been archived, they will continue to appear in the debt and invoicing report.

To bring their balance to 0, just enter a payment of the exact amount of their balance and label it as a write-off.

  • Add a minus sign (-) if it's a positive amount

  • Leave it positive if it's a negative amount

When exporting a list of bill payers you will be able to include or exclude archived bill payers.

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