Child Development in Famly Free

Child Development in Famly Free includes a number of features, such as:

  • Assessments, Observations & Two-Year Checks

  • Learning Journeys and Up-to-Speed records

  • Progress Tracking and Exports

You can access Child Development from the panel on the left. Click on the icon of some bricks, called 'Learning'. You will automatically land on the Overview page (as below)

  • Here you will see either a list of your observations, assessments and 2-year checks.

  • When viewing all observations you can filter by type, observation status, author and key person.

Recording an assessment about a child

An assessment is a general snapshot of a child's current development. To create an assessment:

  • Log in to the app and go to the profile of the child for whom you're making the assessment

  • Click on the Journey tab and Click 'New'

  • Click 'Assessment' from the drop-down menu

  • A new screen will open (as below)

Make an Observation about a child

Making observations of children's learning or experiences helps you under stand their overall development and plan their provision better. To make an observation:

  • Log in to the app and go to the profile of the child for whom you're making the observation

  • Click on the Journey tab and Click 'New'

  • Click 'Observation' from the drop-down menu

  • A new window will open (as below)

  • You write what you have observed in the top text box, and can add photos or other evidence with the 'Upload' button.

  • When you have finished, click 'Send'

  • The observations will now appear on the staff member and child's newsfeed, in the child's Journey tab on their profile, and in Child Development.

  • Observations can be edited/deleted from the Newsfeed of the staff member that initially created the observation and the Child's Learning Journey.

Performing a Two-Year check

In Famly you have the option to add a two-year check for a child. These can only be done once for each child. You add them from the same drop down menu where you create an observation or assessment from the child's learning journey, just click 'two year check' instead.

The two year check is laid out like Assessments, however they allow you to add a comment to each area of learning. Once this has been created it will appear as a fixed box in the child's learning journey.

The Journey tab

All Assessments, Observations and Two-Year checks made for a child will appear in the Journey tab of their profile, in chronological order. In addition to this, we've added a summary that summarises progress in each area. By clicking 'Details', you can see the detailed breakdown of each subarea either by detailed progress (links) or overall for age band (refinements). The detailed summary page has now been optimised for better printing using File Print, command + p or control + p.

Next Steps or What's Next

You can also view all the children's next steps or 'What's Next' from Child Development. Here you can find a list of the different Next Steps/ What's Nexts entered on Observations. You can filter these by:

  • child

  • key person

  • room

  • made after date

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