Move Children Between Settings In Your Group

Use Famly to transfer a child to another setting

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How to move a child to another setting in your group

  • Go to the child's profile.

  • Click on the About tab, then find Registration and Room Moves.

  • Click the Move Setting button.

  • A new window will open (as below).

  • Choose the setting the child will be moving to.

  • Enter a Date to move, this will serve as the child's new start date

  • The child's data will be moved as soon you create the move, not on the Date to move. (This means that observations etc made after the move is created, but before the move date will not be moved over. For this reason, we suggest moving the child as close to their actual move date as possible).

  • Finally, if you don't want the journey to be moved simply untick the box.

Note: The child's invoice history, bill payers, and plans will not be transferred between settings.

After the move date, the child will automatically appear in the new setting in a room named 'Automatically moved from [name of their old setting]'. To add the child to a room in their new setting, Log in to Famly and click the 'Children' icon.

  • In the third column, click the room name next to the child and to select a new room. The change will come into effect immediately.

Should you wish to find them in the old setting you can choose Withdrawn Children as a filter in Settings then Children.

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