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The Sample Import File

To help you give us the information that we need, you can download and complete our sample import file.

The Data We Need

Mandatory data for children:

  • Child - First Name

  • Child - Last Name

  • Room

  • Birthday

  • Start Date

Additional data for children (if available):

  • Gender

  • Nationality

  • Language

  • Birthplace

  • Leaving Date

How to Format Your Data

  • Only send us data for children or staff that are not already in Famly (e.g. if any were already added during a trial)

  • Only include the information that's asked for, not any additional comments

  • Names should only include first name and surname, no titles, and should not include any special characters

  • One child should be added to each row. If there are twins, please use two lines for parent details

  • Email addresses should not include any special characters surrounding them (e.g. write contact@famly.co, not <contact@famly.co>)

  • Only one email address should be listed per cell

  • Date format dd/mm/yyyy

Send Us Your Data

Please forward us any information you are able to generate on children, parents, staff, and bill payers to your Famly contact person or to support@famly.co.uk.

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