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Paying for Your Famly Subscription: For Managers
Paying for Your Famly Subscription: For Managers
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This article is for managers at settings to view their invoices and payments for their subscription to Famly. If you're a parent looking for information about invoicing and payments for your child's fees, click here.

Enabling access to manage your Famly account

In order to manage your Famly account, and access your invoice and payment history, you must have the Manage Famly subscription permission enabled.

See Your Transaction History

As a manager, you can see your transactional history with Famly, in the same way that the parents at your setting can see their own invoices and payments. To do this:

  • Click on your photo in the top, right-hand corner

  • Select Subscription from the drop-down menu

  • Here, you will be able to see your invoicing information, for example, your address and email address

  • You will also see your past transactions and payments to Famly.

You can also pay any overdue invoices directly via this page, by clicking the Pay now button. From here, you can pay the outstanding amount in full, or, if you'd like to pay a custom amount, you can edit the payment amount by clicking the pencil icon.

If you need to update your bill payer details (such as edit the email address linked to your subscription), click on the Edit button within that section.

If you have access to multiple nurseries, you can choose which nursery you'd like to see invoices for by going to the Bill payer dropdown

Transaction Timeline

Our processing time is minimum one working day, please note that this is in addition to the payment processing time of your bank. The transit time with our payment provider can also be up to 48 hours. Payments we receive before 8 am GMT will be picked up on the same day.

Available payment methods:

UK - BACS Direct Debit, Debit card, Credit card

US - ACH*, Debit card, Credit card

*If your bank is not on the list shown, you can manually verify by clicking the link shown

In urgent cases, such as when your access has been disabled, you can send us payment advice or proof of payment to speed up the process of regaining access. Your account will be re-enabled upon receipt of the relevant document (usually after a couple of hours). Please send such documents directly to

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