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Where can I find the Public Funding Report?

The Public funding report allows you to compare the funding you give with the funding your receive. To find it:

  • When logged in to your Famly account go to the Finances icon

  • Then find Reports β†’ Public Funding

What does the The Public Funding Report show me?

The public funding report is designed to give settings a clear overview of the difference between the amount deducted from a bill-payer's invoice (invoice deduction) versus the funding you receive for the care provided (council total). This means you can calculate the deficit (in any period you choose, using the 'From' and 'To' boxes on the left) and budget for this. The totals for the setting are at the very bottom of the list of children.

You can also filter by details, such as:

  • the Age of the child

  • the Mode of funding (whether it has been automatically calculated or added manually)

  • the Invoicing profile Type

  • the Grant name

  • the weekly Plan funding

  • the total number of Funded hours for the period.

On the left of the report, as well as being able to filter for a certain period, you can also decide whether you want to see children with or without funding, to compare.

Setting up Funding

To show the rate you claim for children from your local authority, you need to add Funding Grants to your Invoicing Profiles. To do this, follow the link below:


Adding Funded hours to children's Plans

If you have not already done so, add the funded hours you provide to each child's plans. To do this, follow the link below:

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