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Moving Over to the New Sign In/Out Screen
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Updating the Sign in/out Screen

To update your Sign-in screen to the latest version:

  • Click on Settings in your sidebar

  • Scroll down to Sign in/out

  • Click on Show password (and remember it!)

  • Then Go to Famly Sign-in

Next, enter your Sign in/out password from your Settings to access your Sign-in/out screen. From here, click on the Settings cog icon in the top right corner:

You'll be redirected to your Sign in/out settings where you can click Update to move over to the newest version of the Sign in/out screen:

Once you click on Update, your new Sign-in/out screen will be on the newest version. It'll look something like this:

If at any point, you'd like to revert back to the classic Sign in/out screen, you can do so by clicking ... in the top right corner to access your settings:

Once in your Settings, click on Prefer the Classic Sign-in screen for now? and confirm the switch by clicking on Switch to Classic version:

And that's it! Remember, eventually everyone will have to make the switch to the Modern version of the Sign-in/out screen, so we recommend getting used to it as soon as possible!

Updating the PIN Sign in/out Screen

If you use the PIN Sign-in/out screen and would like to move over to the newest version, a few additional steps are involved.

Previously, the PIN Sign-in/out screen was accessible by going to However, it is not possible to update the PIN Sign-in/out screen to the newest version from here. Instead, head to

  • If you saved the Sign-in/out screen to your tablet's home screen, you'll want to delete it and save the new URL instead.

You will be taken to the original Sign-in/out screen, where you'll need to enter the password found in your Settings in Sign-in/out

Even though you have the PIN Sign-in/out screen enabled, when you log in for the first time on the new URL, it will not ask for a PIN.

From here, click on the Settings cog icon in the top right corner and re-enter the Sign-in/out password from Settings. You'll be redirected to your Sign-in/out screen settings. Click on Update:

Your Sign-in/out screen will update to show you the latest version. Next, you'll want to log out to activate the PIN version of your screen.

Enter the password from Settings one last time, and you'll see the newest version of the PIN Sign-in Screen ready for you to use!

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