Export the list of children

If you are currently using Nursery in a box and are switching to Famly, please do the following:

> Log in to your Nursery in a box Box Account

1. In the grey taskbar > select Reports


2. Go to ‘Parent & Child’

3. Under 125: Select ‘All registered children’


4. Click the Export Icon


Export the list of parent emails and phone numbers

5. Go back to 2. > ‘Parent & Child’
6. Under 181: ‘Parent Details - Email List Quick Date’
7. Under 185: ‘Mobile Numbers’


8. Click the Export Icon for each file


> You should now have three excel files with:

  • Child details

  • Parent phone numbers

  • Parent emails

Addresses can unfortunately only be downloaded as a pdf. If you would like to import these as well, please add them manually to one of the files.

Send the files to us

Once all information is downloaded please forward the sheets on to support@famly.co.uk.

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