Covid Scenarios
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Bulk Discounts

If your setting is forced to close under lockdown rules, you may wish to apply a discount to children's fees. You can create any amount of discount you like, even up to 100%. To learn more about creating a discount, click below:

Once you have created your chosen discount, you need to apply it to children's plans. To learn about applying a discount to plans, click below:

When things open up again and children return to your setting, just remove the discount in the same way.

This is a good option for those nurseries that still need to claim funding over the closure period, as bookings won’t be erased.

Do keep in mind that any surcharges applied to the plans will not be discounted - these either need to be removed separately, or a credit needs to be applied to cancel them out.

Noting Absence Due to Self-isolation

You can mark your children as ‘Absent’ then add in the notes that this is due to Covid Isolation:

Billing if a Child is Isolating

Check whether you have chosen to charge for sessions where the child is absent, in 'Get started' then 'Pricing'. If you do not wish to charge for sessions where a child is marked as 'Absent', the box below called 'child absence day' should be unticked.

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