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How to make bulk changes to Plans at your setting

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The ability to bulk update plans is available on the Famly Premium and Professional packages - see more about this in Pricing

It is possible to bulk update your plans to pick up any changes you've made to your session, product or package settings including changes to price and chargeable days.

Before bulk updating

It's important that you make the changes to your sessions correctly before bulk updating plans. The article below explains how to make changes to your sessions, products and packages.


Important: Check each point in the list below when changing the session, product or package before bulk changing plans:

  • Make sure you select the correct change date, specifically the year.

  • If you are using annualised plans, use the 1st of a month as the schedule change date.

  • If you are using automatic pricing move rules, make sure there is a price in every pricing group box, even if it is £0, you should type in 0.

  • Make sure the correct checkboxes (funding, flexible, closing days, sick days) are checked.

  • Do not discontinue sessions, simply enter their new price. If you discontinue sessions, you'll need to manually change the plans of children using those sessions.

Bulk updating Plans in your setting

Once you have completed the above steps, you're ready to bulk update your Plans. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and click Get Started.

  • Next, click on Plans in the Finance Setup menu.

  • A new screen will open. Check the checkbox in the top left-hand corner of the table (next to Child Name, and then click Manage.

  • A pop-up will open where you will have three options to choose from (as below):


Add new plans

This allows you to create plans for multiple children at once, so you don't need to go through each of these children. This is often used for siblings and is set up in exactly the same way you add an individual plan.

When using the functionality for:

  • Children with no plans:
    it creates new open-ended plans from the chosen date

  • Children with open-ended plans:
    it ends the open-ended plans and creates new plans from the chosen date

  • Children with current plans and future plans:
    it creates a new plan from the date chosen, which then ends on the start date of the future plan. The future plan is unaffected.

  • Children with plans that ended in the past and no current plans:
    it creates a new plan from the chosen date and extends the old plan to the date of the new plan.

Update plans

This allows you to update the pricing of the children's plans after you have scheduled a change in Get Started → Pricing.

Warning: Unable to save

You may find that when you bulk update plans, some will have an unable to save warning in red text, this can be for a number of reasons. These include, but are not limited to :

  • Children will be leaving the nursery (last day) before the change date.

  • Children will not start before the change date.

  • A session on the child's current plan has been discontinued so cannot be updated (unavailable).

  • A session on the child's current plan does not have a price in all pricing group boxes, but the child is on automatic pricing (unavailable).

  • The plan has already been invoiced for that date (cancel invoice to resolve).

  • The invoicing profile on the current plan has been deleted from your platform.

These plans will not be updated with the bulk update. Instead, you will need to check and update these manually, by going to the child's profile, then clicking Schedule Change on the Bookings tab. Once you choose the change date, the plan should say what is wrong. If you find that the majority of your plans have a warning, cancel/close the bulk update, and make the necessary changes before trying the bulk update again.

Please note: Best practice is not to put end dates to your plans if you have scheduled future plans. Future plans will automatically end the ones you add.

Add/remove discount

*Note: This should only be done when using Actuals invoicing! Do not use this with Annualised invoicing. This can result in mid-month changes that switch billing temporarily over to Actuals, risking charging children the same or more than usual, depending on your pricing set up.

This allows you to bulk add a discount to plans. This has been used during lockdown to discount charges for the parents or could be used during a holiday period. You can choose when the discount comes into effect, and this is also the place to remove unwanted discounts from all plans.


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