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Introducing Sidekick Writing Assistant - your very own AI-powered writing assistant designed to make writing Newsfeed posts, Messages, Observations, Assessments and Two-year checks a breeze. Sidekick Writing Assistant checks over your writing to correct any pesky spelling or grammar mistakes, suggests adjustments to your tone, and speeds up your writing process.

For an overview of just how helpful Sidekick Writing Assistant can be, check out what Matt has to say about it below:

Sidekick Writing Assistant is available for customers on our Professional package and can be purchased as an add-on to our Premium and Foundation packages for £19 per month via the Famly store in your sidebar. If you have any questions, reach out to

Where to find Sidekick Writing Assistant on Famly

To toggle on Sidekick Writing Assistant, head to Settings → Sidekick and toggle on the Sidekick switch here. Please note, that you will need to accept the Terms & Conditions before enabling.

Sidekick Writing Assistant will need to be enabled for staff members by a manager who can grant each role permission to use it. To so do, head to Get started → Staff → Compare Permissions → Communication & Events → enable Can use Sidekick.

At the moment, you'll be able to make use of Sidekick Writing Assistant in the following places

  • When drafting a Newsfeed post

  • When writing Messages in your messaging inbox

  • In the newest version of Child Development when drafting Observations, Assessments and Two-year checks

Sidekick Writing Assistant is available on both the desktop version of Famly and the app - just make sure your app has been updated!

What can Sidekick Writing Assistant help with?

Sidekick Writing Assistant can adjust the text in your Newsfeed posts, Messages, Observations, Assessments, and Two-year checks to:

  • Improve your writing

  • Correct grammar and spelling

  • Make it shorter

  • Make it professional

  • Make it polite

  • Make it descriptive (in older versions, you may see descriptive being referred to as observant - but don't worry, the output will be exactly the same)

  • Make it conversational

To select any of these options, just click on the Sidekick button found under the text you've entered in the relevant field:

By selecting Suggest a different option, you can browse through even more prompts for adjusting the tone of your text.

You can change the output by clicking Try again to update the suggested text. Click Apply suggestion to enter it. If you're not satisfied with the output, please do leave us with some feedback. See the next section for how best to do this.

Please note, that rich text will be removed if you have applied it before using Sidekick Writing Assistant - so we suggest using Sidekick Writing Assistant first, before bolding, italicising, etc.!


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly evolving fields of study. As with any new rapidly developing technology there are some limitations to AI and the Sidekick Writing Assistant feature.

Limitations may occur because of many different reasons, such as narrow inputs, systemic biases and limited quantity of training data. If you are using Sidekick Writing Assistant, your data is for example not used to train the AI and this approach has been taken as a step to protect personal data that may be processed by using the feature.

This means that the Sidekick Writing Assistant feature may:

  • Give you output that is wrong and does not match the input

  • Give you output that is inaccurate or misleading

  • Give you output that contains harmful information

  • Give you output that is biased and/or discriminating

So, it is very important that you carefully read and review the output that is generated by the Sidekick Writing Assistant feature. It’s also good practice to review the text you want to use as an input before you request the Sidekick Writing Assistant feature to generate an output.

As the AI and machine learning technology develops the better it gets and we’ll also work on making our Sidekick Writing Assistant feature better. You can always give us feedback by either giving a direct feedback to the output by clicking “report issue” or by clicking “suggest a different option” when giving instructions for the delivery of the output (available on desktop only).


Frequently asked questions about Sidekick Writing Assistant and how to use it

  • Can I turn it off again?

    • Yes

  • Can parents use Sidekick Writing Assistant?

    • No

  • Can parents see that we’re using Sidekick Writing Assistant?

    • Currently, there is no indication for parents that you’re using Sidekick Writing Assistant

  • Can I use Sidekick Writing Assistant in more than one setting if I'm part of an organisation?

    • Yes! However, Sidekick Writing Assistant only will show up if it's enabled for all settings that you have access to. For example, if you are a manager in two nurseries (within the same organisation or in different organisations), both will need to have Sidekick Writing Assistant enabled for you to use it in either setting

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