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Where to find Famly Pay

Famly offers speedier payments for parents by debit card, credit card, direct debit, and SEPA (in Ireland) directly in the app. Parents can pay their outstanding balance in Famly with just a couple of clicks or automatically by direct debit without any manual work from you. Your financial reports and accounts will, of course, be updated in real-time. To find Famly Pay:

Simply log in to Famly, and click on Get Started, then select Famly Pay. Reach out to support@famly.co if your Famly Pay needs to be enabled.

How it works

When the setup is complete and you've chosen which payment methods you'll accept, Famly Pay can be activated and made ready for the parents to use.

Parents can only pay the full outstanding balance of their account in Famly, unless you have ticked the box under Get Started > Famly Pay to allow parents to pay custom amounts.

BACS Direct Debit

Parents can set up BACS Direct Debit (DD). It can either be set up and used as a card, or it can be set to charge automatically, which we recommend.

When a parent has set up their DD and approved automatic charges, they will be included in a DD run (if their mandate is verified. It takes about 2-3 business days). You then select the date you want the DD run to begin, and the parents who have setup automatic DD will be charged. Famly automatically sends an email to parents about the upcoming payment one day prior to the billing date you've selected. Managers receive a notification in Famly at the same time.

When the payments have been processed, you'll get a payout of the total to your bank account.
The parents will receive an email confirming that they have been charged via Direct Debit.

SEPA can be set up with Famly Pay for parents in Ireland, which works in the same way as Direct Debit.

Debit and credit cards

When paying by debit or credit card, the parents will be asked to enter their card details - just like online shopping. A card payment receipt will show on the parent's account right away. Parents will instantly receive an error message if the transaction cannot be completed. Therefore, card payments won't show in Famly unless they are verified.

Parents can also save their card details in Famly and approve automatic charges to clear their outstanding balance. Automatic card payments will follow the transaction timeline of BACS Direct Debit payments.

Set up Famly Pay

To get started with Famly Pay, follow our set-up guide:

Getting parents started with Famly Pay

We've put together some resources to help you get parents set up with Famly Pay.

Take a look at our Famly Pay Pack to download your very own parent poster, newsfeed template and Famly Pay badge for your website.

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