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Parents🧸: Medication Forms

Where to see and approve medication forms

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Not all settings have this feature. If you are unsure, check with your child's setting.

Finding Medication Forms

You can find medication forms in the Safeguarding tab of your child's profile. Here you'll see a section for Medication.

Approving Medication Forms

You can approve Medication forms by going to the Safeguarding tab on your Child's profile, clicking on the Medication section and then opening the form.

New Medication Forms

You'll receive this notification:

Click on it to go directly to the form or preview it from the Medication section of Safeguarding. It'll look something like this;

Click the purple button to Acknowledge.

*Note: If you do not the button to Acknowledge this may be because the form has been archived. Archived forms cannot be acknowledged as they are no longer in use.

Once you and a staff member do this, the medication form will be marked as Active. This means your child will appear on the overview screen of which children need medication.

Existing Medication Forms

You'll receive this notification:

For forms that are active already, you can acknowledge doses as they are given by revisiting this form and clicking on the purple Acknowledge button next to the specific doses.

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