Downloading a Report from Xero

To download a report of payments from Xero follow the steps below or watch the video:

  • Go to Accounting → Account Transactions

  • Select the account you'd like to download for and the date range

  • Click update

  • Click the filter under Accounts to include

  • Click on Debit to open it and enter 0.1 in the left box OR click Credit and add any to 0

  • Then click Update. Then Export as Excel

Once you've done this, you'll have a file that you can upload directly into Famly, without adjusting to format according to our template.

Note: The system looks for a match of bill payer from the Description column in the Xero export. By default in your Xero export, the Contact Name is included in the Description. You can double check this if you observe issues with matching your imported payments to the right bill payers.

Importing Payments from Xero

The next steps are now the same as a usual Payment Import, without the required template.

  • Go to the Finances icon and click on the Payments tab, then the Import Payments button

  • Click Upload files and select the Excel file you just downloaded

  • Click Next to upload and see all your payments as a list to select from

  • Select all, or just those you'd like to upload, and Import payments

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