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Your Profile (for Staff)
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Where to find your profile

Your profile is where all your personal information is stored in the app. To find your profile:

  • Log in to the app

  • Click on your picture in the top right corner of your screen

  • Click on "Profile (name of nursery)"

  • A new screen will open, showing your profile. This may look pretty empty the first time you log in.

Setting up your profile

Add your photo

Add a photo of yourself by clicking or hovering your mouse over the silhouette of a head and shoulders, until the word 'change' appears. Click on this and you can add a photo from your device - you can change this at any time.

Enter your details

Now you have a photo, you can enter you details. To do this:

  • Scroll down to 'Basic Info' and click the 'Edit' button

  • You can enter your information in the boxes provided

  • Click 'Save'

Add your qualifications

You can also add your qualifications on your profile, by clicking on 'Qualifications & Certificates' under the 'About' section

Add your key children

Add your key children, by clicking on 'Key children' under the 'About' section

Your rota (scheduled hours) and absence

Reporting your absence

You can report that you're ill and won't be coming in for your shift by clicking the 'Report sick' button on your profile. Your setting may have other procedures for reporting absence, in order to arrange cover, so naturally these take precedence.

Your rota

You can also find your rota on your profile (that is, the hours you're scheduled to work). You can use the arrows to click forward through coming weeks, to show the hours, days, and rooms you're scheduled to work.

Your Leave

Your profile is also where you can find your annual leave, both booked and past leave, as well as pending and approved requested leave.

Click on the 'Details' button under 'Leave' and a new window will open (as below)

Add your contacts

To add your contacts, such as emergency contacts, click on the 'Contacts' tab of your profile and click on 'New contact'. Here, you can enter the details of your emergency contacts.

Your Calendar

You can also view your calendar from your profile, to keep track of upcoming events - just click on the calendar tab.

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