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Sign Staff In and Out of Your Setting via The App
Sign Staff In and Out of Your Setting via The App
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Signing Staff in via the App

To sign a staff member in via the app:

  • Head to the Home icon in your sidebar and click on Overview

  • Click on the room the staff member you'd like to sign in is assigned to

  • Scroll down and click on the staff member you'd like to sign in

  • Click Status in the box on the left

  • Click Sign In

This staff member is now signed in!

Their sign-in time will be displayed under their photo and their image will change from black and white to colour.


Staff can also sign themselves in and edit their sign-in/out data depending on the permissions they've been assigned in Settings → Staff → Roles and permissions → Compare roles.

  • Staff self sign-in/out: This permission allows staff to sign themselves in or out via the site or room overview page by clicking on their photo avatar and selecting sign in or sign out from the status bar. They can do this without being able to edit this for other staff members even if they don’t have the Staff attendance - Edit permission.

  • Staff attendance - Edit (Personal): With this permission, staff can add/edit/delete their own attendance information by going to their staff profile Weekly details then adding/editing/deleting attendance log-in information.

For more information about staff permissions, check out this article:

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