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Parents 🧸 : Your First Time Logging in to the App
Parents 🧸 : Your First Time Logging in to the App
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Receiving an invite to the app

You will be invited to the app via an email (as below). Click on the 'create a password' link to activate your account (and set a password).

Dear [Your name],

[Your child's setting] uses the Famly system to keep you and your family updated. You will be able to receive pictures of your child, important notices, information about events, and much more. You will also be able to register if your child has the day off or is ill.

You have been given a parental account for [your child] in [the name of their room], [your child's setting]

To get started you need a Famly account, which we already created for you. You just need to create a password.
If you have trouble clicking the link above, try this link instead:
[your personal link]

We hope you'll have a pleasant experience using Famly. If you have any feedback or questions, you're welcome to contact us [setting's email address]

Best regards

[Your child's setting]

Setting your password

On clicking the link (as described above), a new screen will open. Here you will need to enter your chosen password and confirm it. Once you've done this, you can log in.

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