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Creating Invoice Profiles, STEP 2: Invoice Profiles
Creating Invoice Profiles, STEP 2: Invoice Profiles

How to create and manage invoice profiles, using your attendance schedules and funding plans

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Creating an Invoice Profile

To access the Invoicing Profiles click on the Famly Logo to the top left-hand corner of the screen and then choose Invoicing Profiles.

In the Overview tab in Invoicing profiles you can use the information entered in the Attendance Schedule tabs to create a new invoice profile.

  • Click 'New'

  • Choose an 'Attendance schedule' for this invoice profile to apply to

  • Give your new invoice profile a name

  • Choose whether you'd like to invoice as Annualised or Actuals (see below)

  • Choose which funding you would like to apply to this invoice profile, if any

  • Click 'Create'

Annualised or Actuals

Annualised - this is if you take the weekly cost of a plan and multiply it by the number of weeks, before dividing by months. You need to decide how many weeks a child attends on this profile, and how many months you split the cost across.
Example: £120 per week x 52 weeks / 12 months = £520 per month.

Actuals - If you charge for the exact hours/sessions a child attends within a given period of time e.g. a week, month or term, select Actuals.
You will not need to give any extra information in this case.

Once you've completed this step, you can move onto...

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