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The Reports tab of your child's profile

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Receiving a report of an accident or incident involving your child

As a parent or carer, receiving a report of an accident or incident involving your child can be very concerning, so Famly aims to make these reports as clear and detailed as possible. Knowing exactly what happened and how can take away some of the anxiety you may feel.

When a member of staff logs an accident or incident involving your child, you will receive a notification (as shown below).


If you don't have time to acknowledge a form right away, don't worry! Famly will send you reminders to do so later on. If you don't acknowledge a form, you will receive a reminder the next day and continuously every day for 30 days until acknowledged. After 30 days you'll receive the notification monthly (once every 30 days). Reminders will always be sent out at 8pm on the day.

Accident or incident reports

On opening the report, you will be able to see:

  • The nature of the incident or accident (what happened)

  • The location it took place (where within the setting)

  • Whether any first aid was necessary and by whom it was administered

  • Who else was present when the accident or incident happened

  • Any other relevant details

  • A body map with a dot to show the exact location of any injury ( on accident forms only)

You are required to click on Acknowledge Accident/Incident to let the nursery know that you have seen it. These reports will be stored under the Safeguarding tab of your child's profile.

The Safeguarding tab on your child's profile

The Safeguarding tab of your child's profile is where you can view all of their past accident or incident reports, starting with the most recent first.

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