Parents 🧸: Send a Private Message

Use the app to send and receive messages to and from your child's setting

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Where do I find my messages in Famly?

The Messages section of Famly allows you to securely communicate with your child's setting. To find Messages:

  • Log in to Famly

  • Click on the two speech bubbles in the upper right corner of your screen, between your Notifications (the bell icon), and your link to the help centre (the question mark icon).

  • You will find the most recent messages at the top.

  • Unread messages will be shown with a red circle with a number in, and a red dot next to the message itself (as below)

How to write a message to your child's setting

Click on the pencil icon in Messages to start a new message. You have the option to select between different recipients. You can choose:

  • Your child's room (all the practitioners in that room)

  • An individual staff member, such as your child's Key Person

  • The Manager of Management of your child's setting

  • If your setting allows this, you may also be able to contact another parent at your child's setting.

Once you have chosen your recipients, you can compose your message in the white box at the bottom of the page (as below). You can add photographs or documents with the Upload button, in the bottom left corner. When you're happy with the message, click 'Send

Archiving Old Messages

If you want to keep your inbox tidy, you can use Send and Archive, and this thread of messages will go to your Archive. You can still view these messages, it just keeps your inbox tidy (as below)

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