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This is a Premium feature, available in the Premium and Professional Package - see more about Pricing.


The Documents folder is somewhere you can store internal documents to share with the staff in your setting.

If you want to share documents with parents, you can upload them as an attachment to the news feed, then request parents bookmark the post, to save the document for reference.

To find the Documents folder:

Simply log in to Famly, click on the 'Home' icon and then select the 'Documents' tab.

Add a document to the Documents folder

Once in the Documents folder, you have two options: Add a Folder or a File.

Adding a folder

  • Click 'Add' 'Folder'

  • Fill in the title of the folder you want to create

  • Finish off by clicking on ‘Add Folder

  • Now your folder will be visible in the overview

Adding a file

  • Click 'Add' 'File'

  • Fill in the title of the document you want to upload and add a description if desired

  • Click ‘Choose file’ and select the document you want to upload. You can upload Word, Excel and PDF-files

  • Now a document is added to the overview

Although 'Documents' can be accessed from both computer, iPad/tablet, and smartphone, we recommend using a computer to upload new documents into the app.

Move a document

If you want to move a document to an existing folder, click the three grey dots on the right end of the document row and click 'Move'. You are then given the Folder options to choose from. Select a Folder and click 'Move to Folder'.

Delete a document

You also have the option to delete a document by clicking the three grey dots as described above and selecting 'Delete.'

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