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Managing Site-level Roles for an Organisation
Managing Site-level Roles for an Organisation
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If you’re part of an organisation where multiple sites are using the same roles with identical permissions, you know how time-consuming it can be to manage each one individually. But here’s some great news: you can streamline your administrative tasks by adding roles to multiple nurseries at once. This article will guide you through how to do just that.

Adding a Role

First things first, you will need to reach out to Famly to have this feature toggled on for your organisation. Just reach out to or chat to us in-app to request it.

Once it's been enabled:

  • Log in and click Settings from the organisational overview

  • Click Show under Access Control

  • Click on the Roles tab

  • From here, open up the Roles for dropdown and select Site staff

If you would like to add a new role:

  • Click on New role

  • Give this role a title

  • Select the sites this role should be available for

  • Click Select all if it's for all sites

  • Select the relevant permissions associated with this role

  • Click Confirm once you're ready

If you would like to edit a role or the sites that role should be available for:

  • Click on the "..." at the end of the row

  • Click on Edit

  • Add or remove sites in the Sites dropdown or check or remove permissions in the Permissions section

  • Click Update once you're ready

Assigning a Role

The new or amended role will show up in the selected sites under Settings → Staff → Roles and permissions. Staff members with the necessary permissions will now be able to add site-level staff members to the role.

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