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This article will guide you through disabling Famly Pay for your setting

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How to disable Famly Pay

To navigate to Famly Pay, click on Get Started in the sidebar, then Famly Pay. Alternatively, you can also click on Finances ReportsFamly Pay Settings.

If you'd like to disable Famly Pay for your setting, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Disable Famly Pay button

On clicking Disable Famly Pay, you will be informed that parents will no longer be able to make payments through Famly and the setting will no longer receive automatic payments

N.B. disabling Famly Pay will require you to restart the verification process, should you wish to enable it again in the future

Once you click Disable, you'll be redirected to the Famly Pay signup page.

If you have outstanding transactions

If you have any outstanding transactions in Famly Pay, such as

  • Pending payments from parents

  • Your Stripe balance not being paid out

You will receive a message prompting you to try again once these outstanding transactions have been cleared

To stop new payments coming in, you have to disallow parents from making payments. To so do you must disable all payment methods.

If you have any issues with disabling Famly Pay, reach out to our support team on support@famly.co

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