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Famly Pay takes care of the entire process of accepting payments, updating accounts, and clearing debt. You can keep track of everything with the overviews of how it's working.

Transactions and payouts

To see an overview of upcoming and past transactions and payouts:

  • Log in to the app and click on the 'Apps' menu

  • Click on the Famly Pay app

  • The overview is the first screen you see (as below)


The 'Started' section shows payments have been initiated by a parent, but not yet completed. This typically involves payment methods such as Direct Debit that take multiple days to complete.


The 'Completed' section shows payments which have been successfully completed and are in your account with our payment provider. They will be scheduled for payouts in the near future. If you have experienced disputes or payments with late failures that has caused money to be withdrawn from your account, these will be included here until they have been reconciled.

In payout

The 'In payout' section shows payments have been scheduled for payout to your bank account. Corrections that have been reconciled in a coming payout will also be shown here. You can see a list of all pending, in transit and completed payouts below.


The 'Payout' section is a list of all past and pending payouts showing the total amount being paid out to the right - fee deducted in brackets. Clicking into a payout will breakdown which payments are included in the chosen payout.

Overview of payments and status

To view all payments (and their status):

  • Log in to the app and click on the 'Apps' menu

  • Click in to the 'Revenue & Debt' app, then select 'All invoicing activity' for an overview of all payments created in Famly.

The 'method' filter is useful for getting more of an overview of the same type of payment. To get an overview of status of payments, you can filter by 'Transaction status':

  • Completed - the payment is completed

  • Disputed - A complaint. A parent has contacted their bank or card provider and disputed the payment. In most cases, this only happens if the parent does not agree with the charge. If this happens, Famly will contact you.

  • Failed - This can happen due to a number of reason such as insufficient funds, card expired, the BACS mandate has been cancelled, or the bank account has been closed. The payment has not been processed or saved. The parent will receive an email informing that the payment failed. A failed payment will show on the bill payer's account, but the amount will not count towards the balance.

  • Pending - The payment has been created but not started yet. It will start when the payment method (BACS Direct Debit) is ready and then change to 'processing'. This takes about 2-3 days.

  • Processing - The payment has been started but it takes a few days to complete depending on payment method.

  • Refunded - The payment was completed but paid back to the parent. You need to contact Famly Support should you wish to refund a payment. It is not included in their balance.

Automatic payments

When you set up Famly Pay, you can choose to enable automatic payments by the child's bill-payer. Naturally, the bill-payers at your setting can still opt in or out of this, enabling Automatic Payments just gives them the option to use it.

  • At the bottom of the setup menu, click 'Enable automatic payments', or to edit this setting, click 'Change'

  • A new window will open (as below)

  • Choose when during the month the automatic payment run takes place.
    You can select between:
    - First working day of the month
    - Last working day of the month
    - An exact date in the month


If a parent partly pays their invoice using vouchers, these vouchers can be included in the Famly Pay automatic payment run. There are three options in regards to including vouchers in automatic payments;

  • 'Don't include',

  • 'Up to and including the month after the billing date'

  • 'Up to and including the month of the billing date'.

The system will show (when selecting these options) which vouchers will be included in your next automatic payment run.


One of the main purposes of Famly Pay is that you will have fewer outstanding invoices. You can follow up on this by:

  • Logging in to the app and clicking on the 'App' menu

  • Next click on the 'Revenue & Debt' app, then select the 'Debt & Invoicing' report (as below).

  • You can also use the filters on the left to view the bill payers who have created an automatic payment method.


At the moment, Famly Pay does not offer refunds. Any credit you need to pay back to the bill-payer must happen outside the app. Just remember to add the activity to the parent's account by creating a negative payment.

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