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Payments Requiring Validation

How to manage and keep track of parent's payments that require validation.

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Why a payment may need validating

Once parents have set up a payment method in Famly, they will be able to begin paying their invoices with ease. However, some card payments that are made may require an extra 3D security check. This is because some banks and card issuers require an extra step in the payment process - similar to being re-directed to your bank to enter a password when making a large online payment.

As soon as the parent validates the payment, it will continue processing and be paid out to your account.

*Note: The parent has 5 days to validate the payment. After this time the payment will automatically be marked as failed. The bill payer will receive a notification in-app and via email so that they know that action is required - this notification can be re-sent up 5 times daily. The bill payer will now be able to attempt to make the payment manually or wait until the next automatic payment run.

Where to see an overview of payments requiring validation

Though not a particularly common occurrence, you can keep track of any payments requiring validation by:

  • Logging in to the app.

  • Head to the Finances icon and select the Payments tab.

  • Using the Transaction Status filter on the left, filter for 'Requires Validation' (as below).

You can then alert any of your bill payers that they need to log in to Famly to complete the validation.

How parents can validate their payment

You will need to reach out to any parents who have payments that require validation. They will then need to do the following:

  • Log in to the Famly app.

  • Navigate to their Balance tab.

  • A window will pop up (as below) where they will see their recent invoices and payments.

  • They can then click on the purple 'Validate' button to complete the transaction.

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