Out of Office Status

Communicate to parents that you're away for a while

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How does the Out of Office status work?

Parents will see your Out of Office status as a pop-up banner at the bottom of the screen when they go to write you a message.

Note that Out of Office statuses do not show up for messages sent to an entire room.

How do I use the Out of Office Status?

To set your Out of Office status click on your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner and select My account โ†’ Notifications and Messaging.

Here you'll see the option to select dates and write a personal message (if you'd like). Hit save and you're good to go!

Specific Role Scenarios

What happens if...

You are a staff member at two nurseries, each part of a different organisation.

  • In this case, your Out of Office status will show for settings at both organisations.

You are both a parent and a staff at an institution.

  • The same status will show to everyone, other parents will see it too if they attempt to message you as a parent

You are a parent in one institution and a staff member in another?

  • The status will only show in the institution where you are a staff member

You are an organisation manager

  • The status will show on all institutions in the organisation

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